There’s no school today …..

I like Ted Leo.



I’ll try a new layout for my posts as of today …. I’ll have a title for everything I write, and hopefully, more times than not, they will have relevance to the post ….. you can be the judge. 

I like to think that my posts are somewhat upper-crusty, if you will. However, I don’t want to say that my posts are in any way sophisticated. The posting process, in itself, is quite taxing on my brains (that’s right – plural). I know I haven’t been updating as often as I have in the past. Much can be attributed to the fact that I don’t find posting as fun as it used to be. Perhaps, if you prod me to post, I will …. but seeing how noone is in a hurry to … I’ll take my time.

So ….. at the moment, it seems that I will be going to Rutgers University; which, according to the Rutger’s manual, is considered a “Public Ivy League School”. Call it whatever you want, I will probably be going there, that is … of course, if USC does in fact not accept me, which at the moment is looking to be the case.

These past few weeks in Jersey have been quite interesting indeed. We’ve been bombarded by quite the heft of snow as our surroundings can certainly vouch for us. The feet of snowfall from the snowstorm a few weeks ago has still yet to melt. As a child I used to love playing in the snow …. but now as a teenager, its proved to be quite the obstacle as it has obstructed me from driving on the roads. Winter in February has some of its downsides …. Extremely cold toilet seats (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about) and snowfall that does not allow you to leave your house.

Being stuck at home can be pretty boring …. My sister and I were literally a phone call away from getting an Ultimate Chopper. We watched the informercial for a good hour debating whether or not it was a sound investment. Observe!


Sleek yet simple …. Small yet powerful enough to cut even the densest of rocks! Quite the phenomenal invention. Sadly, we never ordered it.

I’ve also resorted to jamming on my guitar with my sister (if you can actually call it that). We actually sound good together considering that we both haven’t had a lesson in our lives and have taught ourselves. I realized that I was a boring person so I decided to take up the guitar, not that it’s changed anything.

The same sister who I’ve been spending most of my time with is due to be married over the summer. Being the glue to their relationship, I’ve been selected to be one of the groomsman (actually the only groomsman) only to be rivaled by my future brother-in-law’s brother (aka my other brother-in-law) Andrew, who is set to be the best man. Wedding tradition states that the best man and groomsman are both responsible for arranging the bachelor party for the groom. Seeing how Andrew and I are both under the age of 18, it presents slight problems. Luckily, Dave (the groom)’s friends will be taking care of the bachelor party. If not for them, we would have had the bachelor party at Chuck E. Cheese or maybe even Kumsung Karate where, according to their commercial, the Red Power Ranger greets you at your party. Evidently, they could not afford to get all of the Power Rangers. What a shame