my locker:
There’s a freshman who uses the locker beneath mine.
I accidentally drop textbooks on his face.
I think he hates me ….
He acts like it’s fine but I imagine that he cries himself to sleep.
I hope he doesn’t think I’m one of those asshole seniors who will literally tackle random underclassmen in the hallways.
In total, I’ve dropped 4 textbooks on his face and also whacked him in the face with my locker door.
He’s a trooper.

I got my egg baby a few days ago …. his name is Thor Godofthunder
He resides in my locker ….
Hopefully, I don’t drop it on the kid’s face ….
God forbid the egg breaks ….

i don’t like chinese people:
Seeing how I, myself, am chinese, I’ve determined that I have the privilege to insult those of my own race without suffering the consequences of being called a racist. So I’ll start off with this …. I don’t like chinese people …. specifically those who reside in Marlboro. 

Although I have a few choice asian friends, I find that I mesh better with the caucasian crowd. The asian population of Marlboro is either superficial or extremely uptight. I like to think of myself as a mellow, down-to-earth young fellow who can be moderately funny at times.

The problem with the asian masses is that many are mindless fools, albeit “determined”, who are unable to think for themselves. And evidentily, my kind are extremely pretentious and judgemental … but that’s besides the point.

You see … although many are academically determined, some are just absolutely anal and inconsiderate. I don’t mind if you’re smart … but if you make it a habit to make it the topic of discussion … then there’s definitely something wrong. Because in reality, if you’re a bright young lad, I’ll admire you. If you’re anal about it, I’ll kick you in the nuts real hard …. even if you’re a girl.


I’m sporting the Q-Tip again …. and luckily just in time for the holidays …. thanks Hair Care!

Now Playing: Bend and Break by Keane … I remember reading an article about this band a year or so ago and I have no idea why I haven’t gotten into them until now … They have the vocals of Travis mixed with the piano of Coldplay … terrific!

on the road:
Every morning after I drop my sister off at the train station, I have to drive straight to school … and on my way there I have to go down Rt. 34. Granted it is all just a 2 minute drive …. however, when you go down Rt. 34 at 8:00 in the morning, you will know that the sun is right on the horizon and is facing towards you. So in lamens terms, I have to stare straight into the sun for a good 2 minutes in order to get to school every morning. Straight into the sun! For two minutes!

my short film:
The Mason Gross School of Arts sent me a letter the other day requesting that I send in 10 slides of my work or a 10 minute short film as a supplement with my application. Of course, I am stupid and had no idea that it was required that I send in any of my work …. not that I have any to begin with.

However, I feel that now is the perfect opportunity to start working up with something …. so I’ve decided that after I get all my applications done … I will focus on directing a short film. I’ve been trying to muster up some ideas … preferably a simple one that doesn’t require multiple actors/actresses or that I spend money on.

Maybe I’ll just do a short film on the life of an apple .. seeing that if I were to buy an apple, it would be a good investment because then I could just eat it afterwards ….  or make one using my super cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures.

Lately, I have been really, really confused … especially with matters concerning college. Usually whenever an asian parent approaches me with the question … “what do you plan on majoring in in college?”  … I give a smug answer and respond “ohh *chuckle* … I’m not exactly sure …. I’m a bit undecided at the moment” … when in reality, the back of my mind is telling me to say film.

Perhaps its because I already know how they would react if I were to say that … perhaps its because I’m not at all confident in the idea of pursuing something I have no experience in. Naturally, I don’t think any human should be confident in this particular situation, but thats besides the point … perhaps its because I realize that there are absolutely no job opportunities for those with a degree in film …. To be honest, the one thing I fear most is that I will spend all of college working up to a degree that will neither benefit nor help me in any way. That’s why I hope to make a short film and send it in to see if I have any potential to work off of.

I won’t lie … there’s something about the “starving artist” image that appeals to me … perhaps its because they’ve found the perfect medium of happiness and purpose. And I don’t mean to say that all artists are happy … because I’m sure that most of them aren’t …. but at least they have their art to fall back on. Its ignorant of me to say that I want to be poor when I grow up …. and I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what it’s like to be poor … but I definitely know that expensive cars and big houses don’t appeal to me … as long as I have a box of Dino Buddies by my side … I’ll be happy.

Perhaps I am demonstrating my biggest fault at this very moment, my idealistic and uninformed views on society. I should probably be more concerned about getting into college than thinking about this kind of stuff.