Wow this is the longest I’ve gone without posting on Xanga … Its addictive effect is beginning to rub off. JOY!

I’ve added new songs to my playlist … Eagles of Death Metal, New Pornographers and Ben Kweller … all great listens.

So yea … I was woken up terribly early yesterday morning by my two cousins – 8:00 AM to be exact. We picked up a pizza at like 9:00 AM in the morning and we preceded to go to my grandmother’s house after not seeing her for quite some time now. She’s such a content, cute lady and its just great to see her again. With her inability to walk, she has been confined to her bed and wheelchair … and I can’t help but feel terribly sorry for her. But then again, I try not to think of it that way … under her circumstances, she is quite possibly the happiest woman I have ever met. She just exudes such a great energy and being in her presence is always a humbling experience.

She also has this inexplainable love for the New York Yankees …which is kind of weird because you wouldn’t think that an old chinese woman who knows absolutely no english would like baseball so much, but she has been a loyal fan for years and watches every single game. She probably knows more about baseball than I do which is pretty scary coming to think of it. Since she doesn’t know english she has to compromise and name baseball teams in her own “fashion” … for instance, the Mets to her is the “Dan Gao Duai” which translates into the “Cake team” since their insignia resembles a birthday cake to her. Its quite cute actually. And yea… I just realized that I’m rambling on about my GRANDMOTHER so I’ll stop it here. I can only hope to be as happy with life as she is when I become older.

My Dream
Yea.. I mentioned I had this weirdass dream a week ago I think? and I wrote it down and private posted it. I decided that you should all know what happens in the head of veve at night and you have all been forewarned … read with caution. My dreams are all weird and convoluted events in my life mixed up to create some scary ass collage of poop.

So my dream starts off with me in bed lying down looking up at the ceiling. The doorbell rings and I get up and roller skate down the stairs to the front door to open it. It was Ellen Degeneres and she was dancing there at my doorstep and there was a long black limousine in my driveway. So she tells me to get in her limousine and then I agree to it. So yea… I get into the limousine and then there are tons of other people there … people I don’t know … and they are all talking and stuff. So I’m just sitting there minding my own business and then the limousine stops at the JFK airport. The next thing I know … I’m on a plane to Los Angeles to attend the LA premiere of Garden State (I can hear the exiting mouse clicks already). Zach Braff was the pilot of the plane so I visit him in the cockpit and then we talked for a while (I don’t really know what we talked about but anyways..) So I go down to sit in my seat and a cat decides to sit next to me and then starts talking to me about which new cat stroller he should get. I choose the one thats the cheapest (being the asian that I am) and then lunch approaches so this stewardess comes and asks me what I want to eat. Actually it wasn’t a stewardess it was Ant from Last Comic Standing, and he asks me if I want coffee or juice in his weird european accent. I choose to have juice but then he puts a bottle of squeezable peanut butter and some cinnamon flavored Colgate (the stuff thats good enough to eat) on my tray. So yea.. I start eating that stuff and it turns out to be pretty good.

So at this time, the plane goes into turbulance kind of like that scene in Garden State. So everybody is panicking and I am just sitting there kind of unphased. And then the whole right side of the plane gets torn off by this shot of lightning kind of like that scene in Fight Club … so me and the cat at this point become scared to death. But then Ant comes to the rescue with one of those floatable slides that you use when you want to get out of the plane after crashing and we jump out of the plane riding this thing. So its me, the cat and Ant in the air riding this gigantic plastic slide and we land in the middle of the desert. And there’s a big crowd of people including Walker Texas Ranger surrounding us. They precede to throw melons at us while we run for our lives through the hot desert. But then Norah Jones descends from the sky and entertains us with her ethereal voice. And this is the point where I wake up to turn off the alarm radio, which to no surprise is playing Norah Jones.

Things I’ve learned from this dream
  1. I’ve taken my obsession of Garden State to the next level.
  2. I have an unrequited love for squeezable peanut butter and cinnamon flavored toothpaste.
  3. I watch too much Conan O’Brien.
  4. I fear for my mental health.