I was a bit skeptical in seeing this movie at first… The storyline looked extremely cheesy and I really am not much of a fan of foreign films (this was originally released in Europe if you could not already tell by its original FRENCH title Léon). Needless to say, I was completely surprised by how real and quintessential this movie was. Every performance was phenomenal especially the performance by Natalie Portman . Her performance alone makes the whole movie all worthwhile. It is remarkable how maturely fit she was for this role (moreso than Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense imo).

This has quickly become one of my favorite movies of all time. This movie has basically started my whole craze over independent films. Its movies like this that gives me hope that there are still people out there making films just for the beauty of it and not for the glamour of Hollywood. I watched the American version first, which evidently has many deleted scenes that hold the bulk of the plot. If you are going to watch this movie .. watch the uncut version as it carries the real heart of the movie.


Wow so this is going to be my first real xanga entree…. the others ..being a result of my immature and homosexual (?) freshman-self.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t associate myself with xanga being that every asian person known to man uses it, but seeing that it is the summer and sadly enough I have nothing else to do, I figured I would give it a try. This seems like a good way to vent my ideas and thoughts.

This xanga will actually be dedicated to movies and music that I come across during the summer. There have been an insane amount of movies I’ve seen over the course of this summer and so many movies that I want to see – most of which will be hard to get a hold of.

I am actually kind of thankful for having absolutely NOTHING to do this summer.. gives me time to say my goodbye’s to the friends that are going off to college- most of which have already gone on to vacation and aren’t coming back till the end of summer. My high school journey is slowly coming to its end – its pretty sad to think about it. The ironic thing is that I wouldn’t change anything that I’ve done over the course of these years. Everything happens for a reason.

— veve out — (my feeble attempt at being cool)