Happy New Year
…. first and foremost.

I know what most of you guys have been asking yourselves incessantly at night for the past few weeks ….

Where’s veve and why has he not informed us of his whereabouts?

Well …. I have returned from wherever I was and fear not citizens … for I am back and ready for action.

Now Playing: How to be Dead by Snow Patrol … I don’t shy away from a catchy song no matter the consequence. I think my sisters can attest to this as I know all the words to Ciara’s “My Goodies” with moans included.

winter vacation:
I suppose that the most fitting place to start would be at the start of my winter vacation.

My parents, for the past two weeks, have been out of the country and are in China right now. I’m not exactly sure what they’re doing over there, but I’m sure that they’re high-fiving their old college friends multiple times, getting drunk, and partying it up at this very moment. I exagerate …. but that last sentence sure brings about a funny visual.

My sibling Shirley (you are not worthy to be called sister) has returned from New York for the holidays and, the already home-ridden, Shu-wen is still at home rotting on the couch. Distance may part us …. but whenever the three of us are together …. we are Captain Planet.

Having the house all to ourselves for the past few weeks has been a frightening experience to say the least. When you have three ill-abled cooks (actually … Shu-wen gets by), living at home is really terrifying. We’ve had to scrounge and leech food from the holiday dinners we’ve attended. 

On the bright side, we’ve only a few hours left till we’ve an able cook in the house. I’m actually quite proud of us Wangs, having survived these weeks and having sustained on three-day leftovers. At least we didn’t have to result to cannibalism …. as my calculations say otherwise.

the ski trip:
It is tradition that us Wangs go on a ski trip every year during our winter vacation. This year’s circumstances were a bit different … seeing how our parents were out of the country and were away to themselves for the first time in years. However, this small fact didn’t stop us at all. My future brother-in-law, Dave, three of his friends, and us three Wangs (sounds a bit perverted) went on a small ski trip to Pennsylvania to a mountain oh-so-familiar to us, Camelback.

It was a good trip ….. the skiing proved to be very strenuous on my muscles … more particularly my groin muscles. Not that you wanted to know or anything. I suppose that the daily 100-some-odd lunges I do at night in the nude have not paid off. How’s that for a visual!

I go on to say without hesitating that the absolute best part of skiing is going on the ski lift. It really is …. On the rides up, you can see the stranded ship-wrecked ski’ers on the bunny slope …. and you can hear their faint calls of help which are followed by groans of pain.

This year I decided to tackle a Black Diamond. To those of you who aren’t slope savvy, each trail is marked by three specific signs which basically indicate the difficulty of the slope. Green Circle stands for easy, Blue Square stands for intermediate, Black Diamond stands for expert. My sister Shu-wen and I were the only ones out of the bunch who were courageous enough to tackle the demon that is. We stood there watching these other skiers ski gracefully down the black diamond, shifting from side to side in a magnificent combination of movements. My sister proceeded to go down first …. and, in seconds, managed to go off-course and crash into an already stranded skier.

I went down next and surprisingly did not fall at all. However, what occurred wasn’t all that pretty either. I went down flailing my arms out to my sides like a flightless bird and I managed to somehow successfully ski down balanced on one ski while my other ski was in the air trying to find the ground. As I flapped my vestigial wings, I zoomed past other skiers who as I imagine had their mouths agape at the beautiful sight that they had been witnessing. The ironic part of this all is that when it turned into a green circle …. I fell flat on my face. And then I pooped my pants.

the social phenomenon that is Garden State:
On returning from our trip in the mountains, we came back to find a parcel on our front porch. In it was the Lord of the Rings : ROTK extended dvd and the Garden State dvd.

The ROTK dvd proves to be a dvd junkie’s dream and is packed with two whopping special features dvds while the Garden State dvd is a bit bare. Moreover, the Garden State dvd doesn’t even include the trailers which birthed the whole hysteria. I won’t say that I’m disappointed ….. because at least the dvd came with the movie …. as one would certainly expect. The dvd does, however, come with two very juicy deleted scenes ….. scenes that I believe would have strengthened the film more than anything. Hopefully they don’t come out with a Special Collector’s Edition a few weeks from now …… as the workers at Focus Features felt was necessary for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was literally days after I got the dvd that a 2-disc dvd was announced for release. Bullocks!

best of 2004:
The year 2004 has gone and passed …. and I find it only proper to make a list of Best ______ in commemoration.

best movies of 2004 (that I’ve seen)

best albums of 2004 (that I’ve listened to)


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