I’m sporting the Q-Tip again …. and luckily just in time for the holidays …. thanks Hair Care!

Now Playing: Bend and Break by Keane … I remember reading an article about this band a year or so ago and I have no idea why I haven’t gotten into them until now … They have the vocals of Travis mixed with the piano of Coldplay … terrific!

on the road:
Every morning after I drop my sister off at the train station, I have to drive straight to school … and on my way there I have to go down Rt. 34. Granted it is all just a 2 minute drive …. however, when you go down Rt. 34 at 8:00 in the morning, you will know that the sun is right on the horizon and is facing towards you. So in lamens terms, I have to stare straight into the sun for a good 2 minutes in order to get to school every morning. Straight into the sun! For two minutes!

my short film:
The Mason Gross School of Arts sent me a letter the other day requesting that I send in 10 slides of my work or a 10 minute short film as a supplement with my application. Of course, I am stupid and had no idea that it was required that I send in any of my work …. not that I have any to begin with.

However, I feel that now is the perfect opportunity to start working up with something …. so I’ve decided that after I get all my applications done … I will focus on directing a short film. I’ve been trying to muster up some ideas … preferably a simple one that doesn’t require multiple actors/actresses or that I spend money on.

Maybe I’ll just do a short film on the life of an apple .. seeing that if I were to buy an apple, it would be a good investment because then I could just eat it afterwards ….  or make one using my super cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures.

Lately, I have been really, really confused … especially with matters concerning college. Usually whenever an asian parent approaches me with the question … “what do you plan on majoring in in college?”  … I give a smug answer and respond “ohh *chuckle* … I’m not exactly sure …. I’m a bit undecided at the moment” … when in reality, the back of my mind is telling me to say film.

Perhaps its because I already know how they would react if I were to say that … perhaps its because I’m not at all confident in the idea of pursuing something I have no experience in. Naturally, I don’t think any human should be confident in this particular situation, but thats besides the point … perhaps its because I realize that there are absolutely no job opportunities for those with a degree in film …. To be honest, the one thing I fear most is that I will spend all of college working up to a degree that will neither benefit nor help me in any way. That’s why I hope to make a short film and send it in to see if I have any potential to work off of.

I won’t lie … there’s something about the “starving artist” image that appeals to me … perhaps its because they’ve found the perfect medium of happiness and purpose. And I don’t mean to say that all artists are happy … because I’m sure that most of them aren’t …. but at least they have their art to fall back on. Its ignorant of me to say that I want to be poor when I grow up …. and I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what it’s like to be poor … but I definitely know that expensive cars and big houses don’t appeal to me … as long as I have a box of Dino Buddies by my side … I’ll be happy.

Perhaps I am demonstrating my biggest fault at this very moment, my idealistic and uninformed views on society. I should probably be more concerned about getting into college than thinking about this kind of stuff.



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