I am 17 now. Time to celebrate with a post biatches

Now Playing: Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)…. I am in an ESotSM type of mood today.

I fear my posts have become a bit formulaic and predictable as of late …. You all are probably expecting a boring movie review … but YOU ARE WRONG. Instead, it will be SHORT and INTERESTING and YOU WILL LIKE IT. thanks

Filmeezy Fo Sympeezy (aka Filmmakers’ Symposium):
Fourth week of Symposium ….
Film was called P.S. ….
It stars Laura Linney and Topher Grace ….
By far the worst film I’ve seen in quite some time (leaving out the obviously bad ones) ….
Started out promising but at the end ultimately fails to satisfy …
Don’t watch it ….
By all means don’t watch it ….
It was boring and pretentious ….
I care not to go on about this horrible movie ….

Oh yea …. Topher Grace stopped by at the symposium….
Cool guy ….
He seemed a bit uncomfortable ….
since everyone there at the symposium was 40 years old and had no idea what That 70’s Show was ….
I am not 40 years old …..
I am in fact 17 years old ….
He was surprisingly good in the film though to say the least ….

I like Dino Buddies ….

My License:
Having turned 17, it is natural that you be late for a day of school to take the driver’s test. And it was no different for me …. in fact I decided to take the whole day off cause I am awesome like that.

I am normally calm when I drive, but for some reason, on the day of the test, I was extremely nervous. And even though the driving course is the equivalent of remembering to breathe (something that I sometimes forget to do), I still felt an extreme amount of pressure. I feared that I would have forgotten to signal and then, as a result, swerve into a tree (because that’s everyone’s initial reaction when forgetting to do something …. swerve into a tree).

I also have this tremendous fear of spontaneously combusting … which is definitely quite weird and awkward. Like in the process of doing a turn, the car would just spontaneously combust in result of a mistake I made. Its actually quite comical to think about. Coming to think about it, DMV should pick up on this idea  …. when a student makes a mistake, they explode. That would definitely make everyone scared.

Usually when I am nervous, I go through the worst case scenario in my mind beforehand. I thought of what exactly I should say to my instructor … if I should seduce him/her with a little skin action. And then I thought of the worst thing that could happen …. 

  instructor: Hello there, How are you doing today?;
  me: I am doing quite fine today, thank you for asking
  instructor: Well that’s good *scribbles on sheet*, so what is your name again? ….
  me: MY NAME?! I’m Victor Wang BITCH! *slap*

  *spontaneous explosion*

So yea … that isn’t what really happened. I managed to get my license without swerving into any trees or spontaneously combusting … so that’s good. It’s always a good day when you don’t spontaneously combust.

Can’t think of a title:
I feel that I must mention something as an ode to my two wonderful siblings (the Wang trio we are called) …. and I’d like to announce that …. I am now a proud new owner of an Ipod.

I know what you all are thinking …. Nope that’s not my sexy hand or my sexy mole for that matter … nor is it the color of my Ipod … but you sure get the idea don’t you? My Ipod is half full …. I need more songs. Open for suggestions.

I also got Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Shawshank Redemption on DVD … much thanks again.

I guess that’s it for now …. hopefully this will hold you guys down for now …



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  1. Btw now i have the past 7 season of THAT 70s show… i watched everyone of them… twice… LOL
    also i have every family guy… chappelle show… and more… hahah


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